INTEREX is developing software for tanneries during the last 20 years. SAP BUSINESS and CURTITS.

ONE is the result of this experience, is the largest application to handle and control the productive process and the commercial area in the tannery business.

Its flexibility makes it ideal for any kind of production, upholstery, shoe, sole leather, leather goods, garment, etc.

Fully integrated to the needs of the industry, with live control of production, mechanization of the grading, connection with measurement machines, and scales for chemicals, etc.

You will know the cost of new formulas, you will optimize the planning of production, you will buy as per the negotiated agreements, you will perform ISO in dates, times and methods, and much more…

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CIMA offers you a complete service in the water treatment world and waste water treatment from tanneries:

Treatment of waste water, from industry, city water, potable

Mineral water botling plants

Handling and treatment of wastes

Assistance in environmental issues: water, wastes, air, etc.

Design and construction of waste water treatment plants

Design and construction of special landfills and domestics

Environmental audits Training of staff on environmental issues

Environmental assistance

Reuse of sludges, from city and industrial

Sanitation of sludges for agriculture uses and energetic reassessment of sludges